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Pay What You Choose

MYB offers our Focus Partner members a dynamic, participatory PWYC (Pay what you choose) subscription model.

Determining what to "charge" community members for access to this relational learning platform and personal development utility was challenging to say the least and currently it's still a work in progress.

How much is it worth for someone who can harness the power to change their lives for the better through changing habits while going about it "mindfully"? For example, how much is improved health and well being? Is it worth $1 dollar, $5 dollars, $10 dollars, $100, $1,000, $10,000, priceless?

After mindfully considering our options we decided on a PWYC (Pay what you choose) pricing model within a given range of 3 choices.

That's right. It's a pay as you go system where you choose one of three weekly amounts ($5.00, $7.50 or $10.00) to get matched with another Focus Partner, access the MYB relational learning platform and support system.

Although it's set up on a recurring monthly basis, members can stop it at any time and change the amount to any of the other two choices. This amount is also factored in your matching process and you will be paired with another Focus Partner that is also paying the same amount or comparable amount as you.

We ask community membes to approcach this decision making process as an exercise in "mindfulness". Only you can determine what the "right" amount is to initiate your learning, growth and change process.

Having said that, our community of Focus Partners have found the following guidelines helpful.

Any weekly amount that's below what would typically be considered a "throw away" dollar amount (usually anything less than 1/10 of 1% of your monthly gross, e.g. 5K per month gross x 1% x .1 (1/10) = $5.00 ) you risk sending a signal to your sub-conscious mind that this is not worth very much and a low priority.

Subsequently, you may undermine your efforts before you even get started. If this is indeed the case, we ask that you seriously consider not moving forward with it. We want to maintain the integrity of our practice community of Focus Partners who are committed to the process and give it due consideration.

Often times, people's perceived value of a service or product is a function of how much it costs or the percieved benefit/price. We recommend an amount that you can commit to as a sustainable investment in your lifelong learning, growth and change while not causing undue financial stress.

In other words, you can notice "feel" the amount, without it necessarily "hurting". There's a great story about the mystery of sacrifice. When asked a group of folks how much they should contribute to their faith, a wise man replied, "that if you don't feel it, then the amount probably hasn't approached the threshold of sacrifice".

Currently the median weekly amount that Focus Partners are paying is approximately $7.50 dollars per week.

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