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Focus Partner Member Engagement Levels

  • Focus Partner:
    Access to the MYB platform and ability to get matched with a new Focus Partner every 6-12 weeks


  • Focus Mentor:
    Assigned Mentors (Vetted- experienced Focus Partners) to help guide you in your Focus Partnering process


  • Members Access:
    Access to Members only portal with training webinars and additional resources 


  • Coaching:
    Complimentary Coaching Session (30 minute) with a certified Mindyourbliss MYB Coach


  • Email support.

  • Events:
    Special invitations to Mindyourbliss (MYB) local live events.


Pay What You Choose

All the benefits of Engage plus:


  • One-on-One
    Immersive Coaching experience via skype, phone and in-person with a certified MYB Coach.


  • Group Calls:
    Access to Group Coaching Calls and Special Webinars​






Subscription $45/mo

All the benefits of Engage plus:


Train the trainers:  Become a field mentor, trainer or coach.


Certification: Mindyourbliss Focus Coach Certification Program.


Steve, how log is the cert program?

what do I get from it.

how and where do I use the cert.






Subscription $96/mo

Participation levels and payment processing


Pay what you choose:

MYB offers our Focus Partner members a dynamic, participatory PWYC (Pay what you choose/Donation) subscription model. Determining what to "charge" community members for access to this relational learning platform and personal development utility is problematic and challenging to account for varying levels of commitment, financial resources and how valuable a particular habit change can mean to their lives.


For example, how much is it worth for someone to begin a sustainable exercise program that results in improved overall fitness and sense of well-being?


Is it worth $1, $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, $1,000, $10,000 dollars per month? And given the "value" if you can determine what that is, how much of an investment are you willing to make each month to the process of facilitating that change?


Our only caution is that if you choose an amount per month that is an insignificant "throw away" amount, you could unintentionally signal to your subconscious that this is not a priority and may not take it seriously. 


As a point of reference, we will publish from time to time the median monthly subscription amounts our community of Focus Partners are currently contributing. It's ultimately up to you to mindfully decide what amount is right for you. You can always adjust the amount over time so that it feels "right".


Currently, the median monthly amount that Focus Partners are paying is about $20 dollars per month. 



I am a paragraph about subscriptions


All engagement levels require a 3 month commitment period. This will bill automatically through PayPal. If you wish to exit the program after 3 months, you can cancel your subscription one week before the end of any 3-month cycle. 

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