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Healthier habits make for a happier and more effective workforce.


Mindyourbliss for Work helps improve employee engagement, knowledge worker productivity, and creativity. Together we help your workforce develop healthier habits, reduce emotional reactivity and stress while enhancing their ability to thrive both professionally and personally. 


The Problem:


There is a widespread feeling of "overwhelm" while living in this "age of distraction". The fierce competition for our attention from social media, increasing workloads, and personal demands often keep us from focusing on what matters.


When our attention is absorbed in ways that don't serve our well-being we often become overwhelmed, feeling stressed.


The Antidote:


Mindyourbliss puts in place a support system that increases your capacity to focus, make intentional choices and develo[p sustainable habit-behavior changes resulting in an improved sense of well-being.


Learning to focus on the right things in the right way can help you achieve more of your potential while experiencing more happiness, inner peace and success in the world (whatever that may mean to you personally)


Whether your primary areas of focus are 

  • Imrpoving Health and Fitness

  • Better work-life balance

  • Making strengths productive or 

  • Improving team morale


There are stunningly simple and actionable steps your workforce can learn to take and apply to make an immediate impact in their life.




Intended Outcomes

When your workforce is more mindful and present they can be more productive while also becoming more intentional, 

thoughtful and thorough in their work. 

Employees are inspired to set doable and sustainable health improvevment goals, making them happier and healthier both at work and home.

Productivity and Creativity
Empower your workforce with a practical and sustainable way to develop new habits, increase productivity and knowledge worker creativity while reducing unecessary stress.

Why MYB for Work?

Low Cost
Nominal monthly per employee subscription fee. 

Save Time
Focus Partnering weekly check-ins (2-4 times per week with each call taking apx 5-20 min) are usually during commute hours via handsfree blue tooth cell phone connection.

Improve Morale and Employee Engagement

Employees will take notice of efforts made to provide actionable, and practical methods that can make an immediate difference to their well-being and ability to focus.


Easily Learned and implemented 

No need for any special training or additional time away from the work day.


We teach an easy to follow Focus Partnering engagement model and provide one-on-one coaching and support to answer any questions.


Just-in Time and High Impact
By providing a Focus Partner aka "accountability partner" your employees can develop new habits, cultivate a mindfulness practice, resulting in an immediate difference in their ability to focus and better manage their emotional reactions to people and situations. 

The more you practice Focus Partnering and exercise your "focusing" muscles, the more present and focused you will become.

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