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Feeling overwhelmed?


Do you get the nagging feeling that you may be stuck on automatic pilot, a "human doing", consumed

with the busyness and struggles of everyday life?


How satisfied are you with your current habits in terms of empowering your sense of well-being in the following areas: Health, Relationships, Money?


How often do check your own "dipstick" and make time to reflect on whether you are truly focused day-by-day on the things that matter?


Are you potentially undermining yourself with the conditioned, default response of: "yeah..but I don't have time"? 


We believe there exists a "mindful antidote", a support mechanism and personal development utility to help us better cope with the increasing challenges of living in the "Age of Distraction'.


By becoming a Focus Partner, you can learn to mindfully engage in a more inspiring, encouraging and empowering way to develop healthier habits, resulting in a more positively focused and fulfilling life.


Focus Partners:

  • Provide mutual support, encouragement and accountability.

  • Help one another develop new habits and sustainable behaivor changes

  • Are peer-to-peer, serving as an "accountability partner" for one another

  • By invitation only membership organization


Our Mission:

To inspire, encourage and empower growth minded leaders from all walks of life to make the most of their strengths while minding their bliss in the service of the greater good. 


What people are saying about Mindyourbliss



Mindyourbliss has received acclaim for creating a community that helps its members make habit changes a more welcoming, uplifting and fun experience.


Steve, a private equity investor ultimately decided to invest in Mindyourbliss because of its strong community and transparency.  "Mindyourbliss is inherently social—and promotes learning and self development while relating to and being of service to others.

You often feel like you're conversing with a caring friend, and that's no mistake. Whether it's just connecting and asking about their day, Focus Partners find the interaction with their "accountability partner" is often one of the best parts of their day, providing a brief moment of encouragement and support while also holding you accountable to what you say you are committed to doing and being.”  


Mindyourbliss Focus Partners are growing their own budding community with other like minded folks who value a mindful approach to continuous learning, growth and change.


" I regained perspective on my life and came to peace with what had been. I came to recognize what really mattered and the changes inside me started to translate also into professional achievement"


--Jean-Pierre DuPuy Professor of Management



Developing a mindfulness practice has transformed my life. It's a wonderful technique that has helped me to center myself, especially in tense emotional situations. I have become calmer and much more focused. I have acquired a new, positive habit that has dramatically improved my concentration powers.


Alicia Shelton Journalist and Editor



"It's given me some challenging but achievable "wins" that help inspire me in a variety of other ways: influencing a positive mindset, finding new ways to cut out distractions when necessary and holding myself accountable to things that are important


Otono Luan Creative Director and Musician


"I am a type A personality who has for years resisted my family and friend's suggestions that I "slow down and smell the roses". I recently became engaged in the process of focus partnering and am enthralled, amazed and excited about the impact that conscious breathing and meditation has had on me. I can listen, not just hear, and give my attention to being present


Sandra Ruch Film Producer


"Mindyourbliss offers a method to relax, handle daily tasks and then better focus on the work that matters most. The focus partnering and the simple mindfulness exercises has helped me manage my stress levels and focus more clearly at home and work. I recommend this for anyone who wants to function at peak performance"


Don Simpkins Entrepreuner 


Learning to take a mindful and holistic approach to focusing on the right things in the right way has made a noticeable difference in my sense of well-being. After years of procrastination, I also finally started a regular excercise program that was both doable and getting me great results. My family and friends have noticed change!


Michael Wilson - Sales Director


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