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1. We help you ask the right questions.


  • Are you stuck on automatic pilot, a "human doing", consumed with the busyness and struggles of everyday life?

  • How satisfied are you with your current habits in terms of empowering your sense of well-being in the following areas: Health, Relationships, Money?

  • How often do check your own "dipstick" and make time to reflect on whether you are truly focused day-by-day on the things that matter?

  • Are you potentially undermining yourself with the conditioned, default response of: "yeah..but I don't have time"?


We believe there exists a "mindful antidote", a support mechanism and personal development utility to help us better cope with the increasing challenges of living in the 'Age of Distraction'.

By becoming a Focus Partner, you can learn to mindfully engage in a more inspiring, encouraging and empowering way to develop healthier habits, resulting in a more positively focused and fulfilling life.

2. We match you with a focus partner.

Peer-to-Peer Practice Community of Focus Partners 

We use a peer-to-peer, relational learning platform that matches you with another Focus Partner.  

Together, you and your 'focus on what matters' accountability partner provide one another mutual support, encouragement and accountability to ultimately achieve more of one's potential and better focus on the things that matter. 


The Mindyourbliss (MYB) Focus Partner Engagement Model will guide you in your interactions with your Focus Partner to help one another develop new habits and sustainable behavior changes.

Introductory Mentor Call

You will be assigned a Mentor (a highly rated, experienced and vetted Focus Partner) who will invite you and your Focus Partner via email/text to an "Introductory conference call to make introductions and review the rules of engagement. At that time your mentor can field questions, review our engagement model and help you schedule times for your weekly calls. They can also share best practices and insights based and their personal experience in the program. 


Your Role


  • Commit to the initial 13 week experience: After you successfully complete the initial 3- week free trial period, and it's determined that you want to continue and are getting value out of the program, you'll be assigned a new Focus Partner or continue with the one you started with over a period of at least 13 weeks (2- 6 week segments with a 1 week break in between), consisting of brief 2-4 weekly, 5-20 minute “Focus Calls” (typically during commute times) You will engage in the first phase of learning how to mindfully create positive habit changes and develop an effective Focus Partnering practice by demonstrating:


  • Reliability: Show up on time to your Focus Calls.

  • Mindful Listening: Be present and listen attentively.

  • Mindful Questioning: Ask questions that challenge and hold your Focus Partner accountable to what he/she says they are going to do.

  • Scheduling: You and your Focus Partner will determine and schedule best times to conduct your Focus Calls.

  • Engage:  Like a bike, you can't ride by reading a text book. Jump into the experience.

  • Mindset: Success in any endeavor is a process, not an event. Enjoy the process. Have fun with it.


Summary of Services

  • Access to our relational learning platform that provides you with an ongoing pairing mechanism that can match you with a new Focus Partner every 6-13 weeks

  • Support team consisting of assigned Mentors to help guide you in your Focus Partnering process.

  • Email support to answer any questions

  • Special invitations to Mindyourbliss (MYB) local live events, 

  • Access to Group Coaching Calls and Special Webinars 

  • One-on-One Coaching Call with a certified MYB Focus Coach (1 session up to 30 minutes per month)



3.  You agree to the "Trust Rating System"
One tenet of the MYB  community is establishing trust among its members. As a way to promote integrity, quality, and trust between members, Focus Partners will have an opportunity to rate each other at the end of every Focus Call using a 5-star rating scale.

Reliability: Did my Focus Partner show up as promised?
Mindful Listening: Did my Focus Partner listen intently and mindfully?
Mindful Questioning: Did my Focus Partner ask questions and challenge me in ways that kept me accountable and generated insights.

Focus Partners who are consistently rated below minimum standards (3 stars or below average) may be denied access to the platform. Focus Partners who have successfully completed at least 1 full 12-week cycle can also request to be matched with other Focus Partners who have also completed at least 1 full cycle of 12 weeks and earned comparable ratings. 


The Focus Partner Rating System is weighted as follows to reflect the appropriate emphasis at each phase of the Focus Partnering learning process.


1st 12 week cycle: Reliabiltiy 80%, Listening 10%, Questions 10%

2nd 12 week cycle: Reliabiltiy 70%, Listening 15%,Questions 15%

3rd 12 week cycle: Reliability 60%, Listening 20%, Questions 20%

4th 12 week cycle: Relliability 50%, Listening 25%, Questions 25%


After successful completion of 4 cycles of 12 weeks, subsequent 1-5 star ratings of Focus Partners will be equally weighted:

Reliability 1/3, Listening 1/3 and Questions 1/3


If you have any questions feel free to email to our support team or refer to our FAQ.


4. Become a Member
To become a Focus Partner, enter your invite code (new members are referred by existing members).  

  1. Complete the Pre-Selection Focus Partner Questionnaire. 

  2. Once accepted, you will be matched (usually within 1-2 days) with an available Focus Partner.  taking into account information provided on your questionnaire. 


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